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Welcome to my Paradise

omg the transfer at my school is like a baby alien omg

he asked where i lived and i said “you know where 7-11 is?” and he was like “OMG YES I’VE BEEN THERE” he was so excited

he is 2 cute 

be my friend


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omfg at the party
  • -i walk in a room-
  • Man: *looks at boy, looks at me*
  • Hey, have you met *points at Ryan and me*
  • Me: omg
  • Ryan: I'm sorry about him
  • Me: ...its ok
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  • Avina: young money
  • Me: cash money
  • Avina: fast money, never do money
  • Me: never get money
  • Avina: LOL
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omfg. am i dreaming? LKJDFHKGJHADKLFHADJKFHJHJKADHKHD omgomgomgomgomg<3333
  • Me: That girl is wearing so much makeup
  • Nina: I know what a cake-face
  • Me: Looks like someone fell in the bakery
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